Ad-hoc consultation

An ad-hoc consulting service is designed to provide quick, targeted, and flexible assistance to clients seeking immediate advice or solutions for specific challenges or opportunities. This type of service is often on-demand, and allows clients to access expertise without the need for a long-term commitment.

Custom GPT Bot development

This set of deliverables includes a custom ChatBot, 1 hour of support, management tools, HTML UI template(s), and an additional hour of support. It also offers everything included in the Starter Tier, with the addition of Slack integration and vscode configuration. Furthermore, it provides an extra hour of support and encompasses all the features of the Standard Tier.

Robust AWS Lambda development workshop

You will receive a solid foundation in AWS Lambda usage including a starter code base, deployment to your target account, and a detailed walk-through. This will allow your team to move quickly and robustly through the AWS technology landscape. Additionally, I can provide detailed pros/cons of AWS Lambda benefits and limitations that you will encounter when processing large payloads, during long processing times, or running at high concurrency. This project will quickly move you through the learning curve of AWS Lambda and enable you to concentrate on your business-specific functionality. It will be rewarding to up-level you to the next stage.

Custom media post-processing

You will receive utility batch processing of video files by applying overlays at specified placements, and multiple overlays would be supported in a single pass.